Greetings, my fellow port-swillers!  I hope you had a pleasant Labor Day weekend.

Ol’ Robbo doesn’t usually gripe here, but please allow me to indulge myself for once.   Why?  Because it’s the Tuesday after a holiday Monday, which means combining all the worst elements of both days together.  Also, it’s the first day of the school year in the great Commonwealth of Virginny, meaning the morning commute is one damned bus-generated crawl after another.  In addition, the guv’mint is back from hols, meaning the Dee Cee metro is once again packed.  Plus, it’s soggy and sodden out, courtesy of the remains of T.S. Lee.

And to cap it all off, ol’ Robbo is about to burst a blood vessel over Children Who Don’t Listen.

Given all this, I hereby rechristen this day as Moosday.