For some reason, I don’t seem able to generate any strato-ideas at the moment.  Instead, they all seem to be about the size of a man’s hand.  Anyway:

♦  Apparently there was a 4.something aftershock last night from Tuesday’s quake, but I seem to have slept right through it.

♦  On the Storm of the Century of the Week front, however, the “latest models” are now predicting Irene will swing back west a bit, perhaps coming right up I-95.  Saturday night and Sunday morning could be a lot windier and rainier than previously indicated.  We’re all stocked up with vino and non-perishable foodstuffs, so let ‘er rip.

♦  Weather permitting (which seems unlikely), the fall softball season kicks off this evening.  The youngest gel, much to her indignation, will be playing AA again this fall, while the middle gel will get her first taste of the game at the AAA level.  As always, I will be helping out with what limited coaching skills I possess.

♦  Every few years, I pull out my Aubrey de Selincourt translation of Herodotus’ Histories.  Not for close study, you understand, but instead just for the pleasure of the man’s storytelling.  I am always amused at his indignant assertion that no intelligent person could possibly believe the annual flooding of the Nile is caused by melting snows.

♦  It is hard to believe that the eldest gel is starting 8th grade this fall on Monday.   The other two don’t start until the Tuesday after Labor Day, as St. Marie of the Blessed Educational Method follows the public school schedule, and the Great Commonwealth of Virginny is governed by what is known as the King’s Dominion law, a piece of legislative whimsy that I find rayther amusing.

♦  Just who the hell is Kim Kardashian?