Ol’ Robbo will be away from the keyboard for the next few days, so I will go ahead and start the decanter around a bit early and note that this Saturday marks the third anniversary of The Port Stands At Your Elbow.  Yes, loyal readers, I have been serving up my wine-soaked musings, observations and occasional rants here (1590 posts’ worth, to be exact) for three whole years now.  It is a cliche, but it certainly doesn’t feel like that much time has passed by.  But then drinks will do that to you.

Unfortunately, the port-swiller anniversary happens to fall in the dead of summah, as well as just ahead of my only real vacation of the year.  (Holidays and vacations are two very different things.)  Which means that I am at my least thoughtful and eloquent and, as a result, am incapable of waxing at any great length about Why I Do It or The Future Of Teh Blogsphere.  On second thought, maybe that isn’t quite so unfortunate.

On the other hand, I do want to say a word of thanks to all of you who drop in here for a glass or two.  While it’s true that I blog for my own amusement, at the same time any blogger who says he doesn’t care about readership is lying.  I am always deeply gratified when traffic is on the upswing, and I truly appreciate each and every comment left here.  (Well, except for the spam from viagra-peddlers that says things like “Gret insite! I wooden have tought of that!”) In addition, the real-life friendships that have come out of this little venture have made a significant and positive difference in Robbo’s non-pixel world.  (Which reminds me, Mrs. P, did Father M ever pick up those convert bonus points on his Vatican Mastercard?)  At any rate, I only hope that in my own small way I have managed to return the favor, that sometimes I am able to make you smile, sometimes to give you something to chew on, sometimes to alert you to something you might otherwise have missed, or perhaps even now and again something to give you the urge to throw walnuts at me.

So, Ladies and Gentlemen, pray charge your glasses and drink up!  Bumpers all round, and no heel taps!