Born this day in 1870.  I confess that I don’t read anywhere near as much Belloc as I do his friend the great GKC, but I thought it fitting, in honor of the day, to reprint here a short poem sent along this morning by my email quote-of-the-day source.  Enjoy!

                     Now the faith is old and the Devil bold

                     Exceedingly bold indeed.

                     And the masses of doubt that are floating about

                     Would smother a mortal creed.

                     But we that sit in a sturdy youth

                     And still can drink strong ale

                     Let us put it away to infallible truth

                     That always will prevail.

                     And thank the Lord

                     For the temporal sword

                     And howling heretics too,

                     And all good things

                     Our Christendom brings

                     But especially barley brew!

                     With my row-ti-tow


                     Especially barley brew!

– The “Pelagian Drinking Song” from The Four Men.