Number 24, Graham Chapman’s Naughty Bits

Monty Python members have reunited to voice a 3D animated film based on the memoirs of the late Graham Chapman.

A Liar’s Autobiography will feature recordings that Chapman, who died in 1989 aged 48, made of his 1980 book.

John Cleese, Terry Gilliam, Michael Palin and Terry Jones have all signed up while Eric Idle is not involved. The film is due out in spring next year.

I wonder why Idle didn’t sign on.  He’s made an absolute killing flogging Spamalot, so you’d think he’d be interested in perpetuating the whole Python ethos.

It may be heresy to say so [Ed.- NOBODY expects the Spanish Inquisition!], but I find over the years that the appeal of Python has gradually eroded, albeit very unevenly.   Don’t misunderstand me: Their best stuff is still priceless.  But as time goes by, I notice more and more a meh reaction to a lot of the in-between bits, and a recognition that some of the sketches they did were just plain dumb.  (I was going to mention “Upper Class Twit of the Year” as an example of this last category, but I never liked that one to begin with- far too hamfisted for my taste.)

Speaking of their best, why don’t we go ahead and roll one of ol’ Robbo’s very favorite sketches, taken from one of his very favorite episodes: