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I ran off TGTBATU from Netflix the other night and it got me thinking of this.  Fellow Llama Steve-O found this yootoob some years ago.  He was inclined to mock it, but I’ve found that it rayther grows on me.

This afternoon saw the annual end of year program and graduation ceremonies at St. Marie of the Blessed Educational Method,¹ and it was a sight to behold.

In addition to the usual songs and speeches, we were treated to not one, but two dramatickal treats.

First, the youngest gel, along with her lower elementary classmates, performed a musickal entitled “You Can Be Anything You Want To Be,” which purported to tell the story of Dr. Montessori’s life.  And what a life it was! Did you know that she had memorized the entire Encyclopedia Britannica by the time she was six? That she got her PhD in quantum physics the next year? That she could leap tall buildings in a single bound, bend tablespoons telepathically and cure the pox with a single touch?  And always with a smile?  And get this…she achieved all of these things despite the efforts of Society to crush her dreams!

Okay, I’m perhaps exaggerating the details a bit, but I’m really not exaggerating the tone by much.  Pure hagiography, although curiously there was no mention of her (very devout) religious beliefs.  The truth is that she got a degree in engineering, then went to med school, both times using family connections to overcome reluctance to let her in.  I’ll bet her father wasn’t too pleased when, after having made such a fuss about wanting to be an engineer, she suddenly decided she’d rayther be a doctor, and then wound up with a teaching career, especially if he was footing the tuition bills.

The youngest gel, with characteristic gusto, played Montessori at the stage when she was wheedling her way into engineering school .  One could almost sense the administrators thinking, oh, for heaven’s sake,  just say yes so she’ll stop carrying on about it!

The middle gel and her upper elementary class gave us a rendition of Shakespeare’s Midsummer Night’s Dream.  Or, more accurately, they served up several “brief and tedious scenes” (to borrow from the rude mechanics’ prologue) from the play, heavily edited and in very, very loose order.  Probably the high point was their production of the mechanics’ Pyramus and Thisbe scenes, the double suicides in the moonlight being played so thoroughly to the hilt that they literally had preschoolers falling out of their chairs laughing.   For her part, the gel and her best friend got to do the scene in which Hermia and Helena cat-fight, taking much delight in calling each other names and threatening grievous bodily harm.

All in all, an enjoyable afternoon.

¹ Mrs. Robbo, who is a teacher at the gels’ school, does not like this joke, and recently suggested that I make it because I disapprove of Montessori.  However, I pointed out that if I really had any objections, it’s extremely unlikely that I would have allowed the gels to go through the program.  In fact, the joke is a back-handed compliment about Mrs. R’s own devotion to the Cause.

Happy Flag Day!


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