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For some time past, I have been insisting that no, the gels were not seeing coyotes in the woods behind the port-swiller residence, but just foxes – or perhaps neighbors’ dogs.

Nonetheless, I was just copied on an email chain to the effect that yes, the County knows about the coyotes in the neighborhood, but that it doesn’t plan to do anything about them unless one goes rabid.

Something tells me that it would be more prudent to withhold this information from the gels’ shell-likes.  Otherwise, we’ll never get ’em out of the house again.

In the meantime, coyotes eat rabbits, don’t they?  And they scare off the deer, right? Especially the does with fawns?  This could actually be a good thing.

My apologies for my self-pitying grumble about the wretched weather yesterday.  (I did get rained on heading home, by the way.)

Things are much better today – the temperature is about 10 degrees cooler, the humidity is way down and there’s a pleasant breeze coming out of the west.  This is the way early June is supposed to be, and if it would only stay this way all summah, ol’ Robbo would have no complaints.

It’s amazing what effect the change has on people.  There’s a crazy old dude kareokeing down at the corner (he was doing “Ticket to Ride” on my way out and “50 Ways” on my way back).  People seem to be smiling indulgently.  If he’d tried that yesterday, he’d have been lynched.

The good people of Grand Rapids, MI (all of them, apparently) got together and made what must be the most awesome amature musickal vid of all time:

I confess that the message is a bit puzzling – the choice of “American Pie” gives the whole thing the feel of a municipal wake, which I can’t imagine was the intent.  Perhaps nobody paid attention to the song’s point, and instead decided it was just good, singable stuff.

Anyway, the production is highly enjoyable.

Who claims not to like any kind of bug.

Talk about the influence of teevee on the minds of our young people, to this day I still count to twelve this way.


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