As I happened to finally get around to firing up the port-swiller grill this past weekend, my roving eye fell on this piece from CNN: Five most common grilling mistakes.

Most of it is sensible, indeed, fairly obvious stuff.  But one passage discussing the application of barbeque sauce made me do a double-take:

Always use the BBQ sauce towards the end of grilling, during the last 10 to 20 minutes, as BBQ sauces often have high sugar content, some more than others, and will burn off before your meat is done.

Last 10 to 20 minutes”?  I seriously doubt if my grillings ever last even that long, in toto.

It is a long-standing tradition, handed down to self from the Old Gentleman, that there is only one way to grill a steak.  First, get your meat cut at about two inches in thickness.  Next, crank up your grill to blast-furnace strength. (I’m glad to see that the author of this piece is a charcoal man.)  Then, toss your steaks on for maybe a couple minutes per side.

Result? Blackened on the outside, still quivering on the inside.  Authentic Neanderthal cuisine.  Delicious.  Aaaaand having to keep preventing your steak from trying to escape from your plate adds solid entertainment value to the meal.