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Sorry – couldn’t resist.

In fact, today was a day of surpassing beauty in my neck of the woods.

O-kay, then. 

So.  Everyone has had their little snicker at the dire and incorrect prediction that the End Times would set in today (self admittedly included).  And I suppose that, in the eyes of the secular world, another “kick me” sign has been hung on the backside of Christianity.

But I will confess that over the last couple days, as news of this prediction flashed out over the intertubes, I found myself thinking, “Self, what if all this really did turn out to be true? What if Judgement Day was upon us? Where would you be?”

The answer, I’m afraid, was a fervent hope that the prediction of the world’s end really was bogus.

If you pause to take the idea – and by that I mean not so much that somebody has cracked a Biblical code, but that Judgement Day really is coming, and it could be five centuries from now or five minutes – seriously, it is not at all comforting.  Indeed, I will confess that during the latter part of the week, I actually found myself fretting about whether I ought to go to have gone to confession on Wednesday, instead of waiting until Saturday afternoon.

I suppose the bottom line is my uncomfortableness at the thought that none of us can hold our souls at presentation, ready for inspection by the Almighty Admiral, constantly.  I certainly can’t.  At the same time, this whole episode also serves as a useful reminder that when said Admiral appears, He will do so as, if I may quote, a thief in the night, so we are at least under an obligation to be constantly mindfull of the possibility and to do our best.

Thus endeth the lesson.


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