Kevin Williamson debones a new defense of Marxism by Terry Eagleton:

Marx and Lenin imagined a scientific system oriented toward the common good but created a system in which less knowledge is available to economic decision-makers and the narrow self-interest of the ruling class is elevated to commanding heights. And so, the “scientific system” will always lose. Nonetheless, it appears that there will always be those true believers, like Terry Eagleton, who will argue that socialism will work if  given one more chance. But the continuing, willful ignorance of Eagleton and his fellow socialists argues that they have not earned a second chance. Giving them a first chance was a grave error, one that inflicted upon the world murder and misery unprecedented in scale and unequalled since.

Read the rest.  I am routinely appalled when I come across more proof that Marxism continues to walk the earth like the Undead.   I am also reminded again of Peej O’Rourke’s statement that communists worship Satan, socialists believe perdition is a good system run by bad people, and liberals think we should all go to hell because it’s warm there in the winter.