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Just a few quick thoughts this Friday morning before I get oot and aboot, as they say in the Tidewater:

•  All this – for lack of a better term – pants-wetting over the morality of knocking off OBL frankly sickens me.  It was the right thing to do. Period.  I strongly suspect that some many most of the people wringing their hands know this perfectly well deep inside and are, in fact, protesting from other motives.

•  My family has absolutely no concept of time.  None, whatever.  My constant suggestions to them that the clock never stops and that we need to act accordingly are routinely met with blank indifference.  This is particularly hard for me, given my admitted neuroticism about punctuality.

•  This weekend I must give the forsythia its annual whacking.  Once again this year, my hedge proved to be the feeblest flowerer in the entire metropolitan area.  Damme if I know why. 

•  Oh, and speaking of yard work, this year I have upgraded to a self-propelled Toro push-mower, with which to yclip the rolling lawns of the Port-Swiller estate.   Makes all the difference.

•  I suggested in the post below my dislike of the musick of Mahler.  The fact of the matter is that I loathe just about every aspect of Fin de Siècle Viennese culchah.  I actually studied Kokoschka and Klimt and that lot (including some Freud) in school.  Wankers, all of them. 

•  Today is the anniversary of the capture, in 1801, of the 32-gun Spanish xebec frigate El Gamo by the 14-gun sloop HMS Speedy under Captain Thomas Cochrane.   As regular port-swillers know, this action was the basis of the semi-climactic battle between the Cacafuego and Jack Aubrey’s HMS Sophie in Master and Commander.   And if you’re thinking, “I thought Russell Crowe’s ship was called the Surprise,” you ought to be ashamed of yourself.

•  I say “semi-climactic” because I’ve always felt that O’Brian’s coda, which includes the great Battle of Algeciras Bay under Admiral Saumarez, to be a little bit awkward, throwing the story arc summit off-center.  I understand that O’Brian wanted to round things off with Jack being acquitted in his court-martial for the loss of the Sophie, but from a dramatic point of view, I’ve sometimes wondered whether it might have been better to end things on the deck of the Cacafuego instead.

•Then again, O’Brian was a professional writer and I’m not, so what do I know.

•  Does it simply not occur to drivers that if they can see out their windshields, this also means that other people can see in them?  I know this is a hackneyed question, but given what I’ve spotted people doing from time to time, the answer continues to elude me.

•  One last?  I see that “Mother’s Day” is upon us.  Last evening I was standing in line at the store behind a couple fellahs, one of whom was a florist or nursery owner.  He was expressing his delight in all the biznay he expects to do this weekend, coupled with a sincere wish that there were more holidays like this one.  I knew it.  I knew it!  The great Hallmark/FTD/Zales conspiracy unmasked!


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