Ol’ Robbo can’t help but noticing that more and more of the blogs he reads seem to be quietly sliding under the table.  (In fact, it’s high time to update the port-swiller blogroll to reflect the latest members to sink beneath the surface.)

Fortunately, no matter what else happens, there will still be at least one spirit out there still willing to stick with his cups:

I intend to maintain this foolish blog whether anybody reads the contents or not. In that respect I shall be like an ancient scribe on Lindisfarne, painstakingly illuminating the first letter of my treasured gospel, yet well aware that its probable fate is to be Viking toilet paper. My fellow monks have already mostly departed for Facebookland with St Cuthbert’s bones wrapped in a thin tweet, but I still keep the blog candle burning in this lonely chapel window, however low the flame may be.

A glass of wine with you, sir!