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I see where today is the anniversary of the birth of Ulysses S. Grant in 1822.

Every now and again I like to read Grant’s Memoirs (which he wrote while dying at the urging of Sam Clemens), together with Bruce Catton’s Grant Takes Command and Grant Moves South.   And I must say that there is much about Grant that I find admirable – not only in his tenacity on the battlefield, but also in his personal modesty, plain-spokenness and honorable character.  (The corruption that marred his two presidential terms occurred among his political appointees.  While Grant’s judgment might be questioned, there is no evidence that I’ve ever seen of his taking a piece of the action himself.)

I don’t believe that I have mentioned here before the fact that the middle gel’s class at St. Marie of the Blesséd Educational Method took a jaunt up to New York a couple weeks ago to participate in the Model U.N. program.

I must confess that I had some deep misgivings about the biznay.  On the practical side of things, a week in the Big Apple, even when partially subsidized through fund-raising, is a mighty expensive proposition.  For another, given that Mrs. Robbo went along as well,  taking care of the other two gels and my job at the same time proved to be quite the logistical challenge. (Full disclosure: Mrs. R arranged for said logistics ahead of time.  All I actually had to do was follow through on her instructions.  Worked like a charm.)

On the more philosophical side, Ol’ Robbo takes a mighty dim view of the United Nations, not just because of its rampant corruption, monstrous expense, villainous politics and legendary ineptitude, but also because, in my humble opinion,  the only realistic international law is comprised of enforceable bi- and multilateral treaties amongst nation-states with mutual common interests.  The concept of a “world government” based on a globally-shared understanding of human rights is, to me, farcical.

However, yesterday I received a link to this video (sorry, but it won’t embed for some reason).  If you clicky over and scroll to about the 52 second mark, I believe you’ll understand why those objections and misgivings have suddenly shrunk away to irrelevance in Robbo’s mind, overwhelmed as they are by delight in his gel.


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