The Aflac Duck has a new voice.  (Clicky the link to hear the new guy, who actually isn’t all that bad.)

For those of you unfamiliar with what I will call Quackergate, the Duck used to be voiced by comedian Gilbert Gottfried, whose entire shtick consists of  his harsh, braying vocal quality and crude humor.  When the earthquake and tsunami hit Japan in March, Gottfried made some bad taste joke or other about them on Twitter.  Aflac promptly gave him the boot, and the search was on for a worthy successor.

The only reason any of this stuck in my brain is that I was mildly, well, disturbed by Gottfried’s canning.  Not really because I thought Aflac was being all that unreasonable – it’s got a product to flog and an image to maintain, and when it pays somebody a lot of money for those purposes, I suppose it puts lots of language in the contract to the effect that they have to keep their noses clean. (Although, on second thoughts, one wonders how reasonable Aflac was in believing Gottfried could do so.)

Rayther, I remember thinking more generally how inconsistent disjointed psychotic our system of social taboos has become.  We seem to be hyper-sensitive about some things while at the same time utterly crass and nihilistic about others, and there doesn’t appear to be much rhyme or reason between them.  Unless you believe, as I do, that modern “morality” is something that is being made up as we go along.