Greetings, my fellow port-swillers!  Looks like it’s time to drain our glasses and eat up the last of the Stilton.  Thinking it over, I’m pretty sure that I’m going to go on a bloggy hiatus this Lent, so this may be the last chance for some silliness this side of Easter.

And speaking of silliness, I wanted to play with the font color to mark the day, but I know that yellow text is very difficult to read against a white background.  What to do? Well, when I was a little boy, one of my favorite things to do when visiting the zoo was to get the white-faced gibbons cranked up by imitating their calls.  I was pretty good at it, too.  Therefore, the yellow entries will be white-faced gibbon calls, so you needn’t worry about reading them too closely.

*  This past Sunday was “Jazz Sunday” at RFEC.  All of the hymns during the service were Spirituals, and were accompanied by a jazz combo up at the altar, the rector sitting in at the drums.  I’m sorry, but every year I find myself thinking the same thing, namely that for a congregation as rich and white as this one to be singing this kind of music (and attempting to clap and sway) is in pretty poor taste.

* Speaking of such things, I was helping the eldest gel with her vocabulary prep last evening.  One of the words was “stodgy”.  I told her just to think of me when she got that word and all would be well.  She found that a pretty amusing trick.

* Oooooooooo-OOH! Ooooooooooooooooo-Ooh-OOOOH!!!!

* Read Willa Cather’s Shadows on the Rock yesterday, about life in colonial Quebec in the 1690’s.  Another almost pointillist depiction of day-to-day existence with not that much emphasis on narrative drive.  Are all of Cather’s works of this bent?  I must say that I found many of the details quite fascinating.  I also warmly approved of her obviously pro-Frontenac attitude.  On the other hand, I was a bit disappointed with Cècile, the apothecary’s young daughter.  Too precocious, and then not very nice when visiting the farm family on the Ile D’Orleans.

* Had a very interesting family discussion about the term “best friends” last evening.  Mrs. R and I were saying how with our generation, such an expression is usually reserved for one or two people, while kids these days seem to spray it all over the place.  (The nine year old, by her own count, has about twenty “BFF”‘s.)  There was definitely an intergenerational disconnect at work.


*Playing with the fonts reminds me of Mardi Gras my first year in law school. I had a classmate from Noo Awluns who fixed up a big ol’ jambalaya dinner, afterwards leading us all down to the local bar.  There we got the bartender to create a drink of green, purple and yellow layered liquors (God knows what they were).  Since this was Dubyuhnell, we christened the drink the “Generals’ Crewe”.  I wonder if it’s still on the books there?

*Of course, the next morning I got called on in crim pro by the most feared prof in the entire school.  I carry the scars to this day.  There’s a lesson there, somewhere.


*Managed to hook up the new study tee vee to both the cable box and teh DVD player.  (The old one finally gave up the ghost after about eighteen years’ worth of service.)  That is just about the maximum extent of my tech prowess.  It says something that the gels had to explain to me how to use the remotes.

*Well, that’s about enough for now.  Hope you have some good King Cake lined up for tonight!


UPDATE:  Wow, the yellow script is even worse than I imagined.  But I promised gibbon calls, didn’t I?  Here ya go: