Because Mrs. Robbo is in the biznay of teaching science to the yoot of St. Marie of the Blessed Educational Method, the reading rack in the downstairs loo is often stocked with publications that go considerably further afield than the most recent copies of Washingtonian or Vanity Fair.  (As an aside, I don’t know why we get the latter – it just keeps showing up.)

Anyhoo, I recenly found myself flipping through a copy of Astronomy.  Not only was it chock-a-block with incredible images snapped by Hubble and other eyes on the sky, it also contained a fascinating article on Bode’s Law, which posits that the distances between orbital paths of the planets in our solar system can be predicted by the mathematical formula a = n + 4, where the value of n is sequentially doubled, e.g., 3, 6, 12, 24, 48….(Go read the wiki if you want a better explanation.  Explaining math is not my strong suit.)

Alas, the theory has long been discredited because it doesn’t explain Neptune.  Nonetheless, as I read about it I still had that sensation of the awful majesty of the heavens and the resulting strong urge to shut the bedroom door, turn on all the lights and hide under the covers.

The article got me thinking again about the Musick of the Spheres, too, a philosophical concept of which regular port swillers will know ol’ Robbo is passionately fond.

It all connects, from the very expanse of the Universe right down to the smallest sub-atomic level, and it does so on purpose.  I am quite convinced of this. 

 We can’t see the thought behind it all, or can only sense it imperfectly at umpteen removes, because we are only human, but I know it’s there.  You may dismiss me as either a fuzzy-headed English major or a religious crackpot or both, but that’s how I feel.