I don’t know how many of my fellow port-swillers may be familiar with the old “Firesign Theatre” hippy stream-of-consciousness drug humor albums?  (They were actually pretty funny.)  One of them, entitled “Eat or Be Eaten”, makes a throwaway reference to a fictitious place called “King’s Nose”.  For some reason, this nugget became permanently lodged in ol’ Robbo’s brain.

I had repeated cause to think of it again Saturday evening as I sat watching “The King’s Speech” in the local moovie theatre.  Owing to our having arrived a bit late, the place was already packed and the only available seats were right down front.  Owing to the extensive number of facial close-ups in the film, it was a relatively short time before I was thoroughly acquainted with the bone structure and pore content of the noses of both Colin Firth and that fellah who played Logue.  Frankly, I began to get very slightly frantic after a bit.

I thought it a pretty good film by the way, despite some historickal nits, and plan to see it again once it comes out on Netflix.  From much further off this time, of course.