Spent a large chunk of the day playing Trivia Pursuits (Junior Edition) with the gels.  On the one hand, it was delightful to watch their faces as they worked their way through a question and suddenly alighted on the correct answer.  On the other, this being a somewhat outdated version of the game, it was astounding to realize, at least with respect to popular culchah,  how 21st Century they all are.  Who on earth has never heard of Mr. Rogers, for Pete’s sake? 

I may say that ol’ Robbo’s hoard of knowledge, absolutely useless for most purposes, did him well in beating off the opposition.  At the same time, I was rayther awed by the surprising number of things the gels seemed to know, too.

Oh, I’ll be away on biznay until Friday, but feel free to help yourselves to the decanter again and chat until I return.