I had a dream last night that I was visiting Germany and, while there, was involved in a bad, multi-car, Autobahn accident.  I, myself, was not at fault, nor was I injured.  However, at least one other driver was killed and several more were hurt.

After the accident was over, I was transported to a largish ampitheatre-style room.  There I found the other people involved in the crash, along with their family and friends.  Apparently, it was supposed to be some kind of “support” group, and it seemed that we were all supposed to get up and, as Frodo would put it, “speak a few suitable words”.

I found myself rising and gathering everyone’s attention.  After introducing myself, I recall commiserating with the victims and their families, and roundly damning the person who was responsible for the accident.  (He had caused it through some wild recklessness.)

In the midst of my little speech, I became aware of some bad musick behind me.  Turning about, I saw a large, loutish teenager lounging complacently in his seat with a large boom-box by his side.  As I continued my little oration, I fixed him with a steely glare.  After a few seconds, his own eyes suddenly collapsed in defeat and he shut the box off.  At that point, I recall that the entire room erupted in cheers and applause.

Zo, ve ask, vot dost dis all mean?  Well, in a couple weeks I’m first chair in a jury trial, my first in almost 20 years of practicing law.  I’d say that, at least subconsciously, I’m in pretty good shape for it.

UPDATE: Before you ask: Although I can’t talk about the case (obviously), I can at least assure you that it doesn’t involve ambulance chasing.