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Next up in the ol’ Netflix queue (after a Futurama movie at the request of the gels), are a pair of long, historickal mini-series, The Pacific and John Adams.

I have not yet seen The Pacific.  Interestingly, while there was a great deal of hype building up to its release by HBO, I don’t recall really reading much by way of commentary or criticism once it actually aired.  Granted, I don’t troll through the entertainment columns as a rule, but among the blogs and other sites that I regularly visit and which I would expect to offer opinions,  there didn’t seem to be any significant chatter one way or the other.  I will be interested to see how it avoids looking too much like a knock-off of Band of Brothers.  I will also be interested insofar as my focus on the Pacific Theatre has always been largely on the naval side of the fight, probably because I always thought the carriers and airplanes were so cool when I was a kid.  This will offer a nicely different perspective.

As I say, I am also planning on giving John Adams another try.  I watched it a few years ago and came away with the impression that although it started out strong, it seemed to fizzle somewhat as it progressed, losing some of its historickal oomf and having to fall back on things like Adams’ relationship with his screwed up son.   But I also recall that the series wasn’t all that kind to Jefferson, which, in my humble opinion, is a good thing.  (We hates limousine liberals!) At any rate, I’m willing to give it another go.  

The two series contain about ten disks between them, so will definitely keep me occupied for a while.

UPDATE: My apologies for the over-use of the word “interesting” in this post.  Unfortunately, my thesaurus was struck by an asteroid the other day and isn’t in much condition to help me out at the moment.


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