My apologies if teh posting is a little inconsistent ’round here.  You see, for reasons unknown to me, my computer has started refusing to load Firefox, which I normally use.  On the other hand, while it will load IE, that browser seems to have a love/hate relationship with WordPress.  Go figure.


** Had the mailbox knocked down by the salt trucks again last night, even though the expected storm never really materialized.   Several friends of the decanter have written in to ask, “Tom, why don’t you just move the post back from the road a bit?”  Well, the fact is that the embankment is somewhat on the steep side and there really isn’t much shoulder.  Heretofore, I’ve been more concerned with not having mail trucks roll into the ditch than losing the box, but now I’m beginning to reconsider those priorities.

**Just who the hell is Justin Bieber?  And while we’re at it, who the hell  is Kim Kardashian?  What exactly do they do?

** You may take it from me that it is extremely difficult to do the crosswords when the cat decides it wants to scratch its ears on the end of your pen.  (Yes, pen.  Pencils are for sissies.)

**A bleg to my fellow Romanists: I have decided that it’s high time I bought my own Latin-English Missal.  Any suggestions as to a good/deserving publisher would be greatly appreciated.

**The nine year old gel emailed me a Powerpoint presentation on volcanoes she’d done in class at St. Marie of the Blessed Educational Method.  I pointed out to her that she now knows a lot more about how to use Powerpoint than I do.  She thought that was extremely amusing.   It’s true, too – I always thought Powerpoint a waste of time and have resolutely refused to learn it over the years.

**And on the edumacation front, in attempting to help the eldest gel with her homework assignment on Don Quixote yesterday, I eventually had to confess that I’ve never actually read it myself.  Shame on me, I suppose.

**We’re supposed to have our first significant rain in a while tomorrow.  This is good, as it will wash some of the road-treatment residue off the ol’ Jeep.  (She gets a bath once a year, whether she needs it or not.)

**(Told you this was random.)

**In the elevator this morning, a fellah accidentally bumped his backpack into my coffee cup which, fortunately, did not tumble out of my grasp.  “Goodness,” he said,  “That might have been really bad.” “Oh, that’s okay,” I replied, “Of course, if it had fallen I’d have had to kill you…”  The fellah laughed heartily.  I suppose he thought I was joking….