Standing in line at the deli this afternoon, waiting for my prosciutto to be sliced, my eye fell on a pamphlet put out by the Boar’s Head ® meat people.  It featured a military campaign service bar design across the top, a picture of a pile of salt with a white flag sticking out of it, an apparently decapitated shaker and a large caption that read, “Launch Your Own Assault On Salt.”  A little further exploration reveals that this is just one of several “Assault on Salt” themed slogans employed by the company.

Ladies and gentlemen, I don’t know about you, but I for one feel that this kind of inflammatory, eliminationist rhetoric is totally inappropriate for our national nutritional dialogue, as it is likely to do nothing but incite violence.  In the name of civility, I strongly recommend to Boar’s Head ® that they do away with this campaign (whoops! I mean “consumer outreach project”) and adopt some other motto like, say, “Have a candid conversation with your salt and gently but firmly explain to it why it is being insensitive to positive nutritional alternatives.” 

Here’s hoping Boar’s Head ® takes up my suggestion before somebody “goes sodium”……