The gels all have their little friends over to play this afternoon.  Needless to say, this has driven me to take refuge in the study, in which I am indulging in a few rounds of spider-solitaire on the computer and listening (via headphones) to a collection of Renaissance and Baroque dance musick.

While this is some partial defense, I still find myself thinking back to my own yoot, and specifically to a friend of mine whose father was a veterinarian.  They had three or four ferocious and extremely loud German Shepherds at their house, and the story goes that the father got so sick of the noise that he extracted all of the dogs’ vocal chords.  Ever after, all they could do was rasp.

It strikes me at times like this that there was some method to the man’s madness.  Alas, though, because I suppose that even if I could swing something of the same sort with the gels, that still wouldn’t prevent them banging around like a herd of rogue elephants.

Better just crank up the musick a bit more….