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Greetings, my fellow port-swillers! I hope your Christmas Feast continues to be joyous, even though it’s back to the ol’ grind today.  Never mind: With all those lords a-leaping about today, you’re probably better off at the office.  However, since there are ten lords but only nine ladies in the mix, I certainly hope you locked up the liquor before leaving home because otherwise the odd man out is going to drown his sorrows at your expense.


The gels received as a Christmas present this year a copy of Wii Sports Resort, one of the more recent manifestations of the Wii Sports Empire.  (You can clicky over to the link yourselves if you want an overview of the game.)  Suffice to say here that one of the “activities” is something called the “Island Fly-Over”.  In it, you basically fly a sea-plane round the archipelago on which the “resort” of the name is located.  (You only get five minutes per flight.  Then you have to start all over.)  One of the goals as you wing your way about is to locate 80 “I-points” located at points of interest on land, sea and air.  Collect all of them and you have……80 I-points in your portfolio.

Yesterday afternoon found Robbo and the gels playing this game, Self at the controls with three back-seat pilots offering information, advice and criticism.  We managed to do pretty well, scooping up a little over half of the points before it was time to get dinner started.  All harmless fun, what?

Well, being of a somewhat compulsive nature, ol’ Robbo found himself last evening busily hunting up the rest of the “I-points” alone, eventually giving up in frustration at only managing to find 79 of them before toddling off to Bedfordshire.  This perhaps explains the rayther vivid dream I had in which I was flying about the same Island and visiting the I-points.  Instead of being local landmarks, however, this time each I-point was a moral or philosophical question that had to be answered correctly before proceeding to the next one.  I simply cannot remember any of the questions posed.  What I can remember is that for each one there was a danger of taking the easy way out, which I knew would lead to catastrophic conclusions.  I also remember that all the I-points were somehow linked together as parts of one larger Idea.

I woke up this morning thinking, “Great! Other guys staying with Mr. Rourke get Adrienne Barbeau.  I get Thomas Aquinas!”


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