Greetings, my fellow port-swillers!  I hope your Christmas Feast continues with good cheer.  A word of advice about those five golden rings you got this morning: Watch out for creepy horsemen dressed all in black and mumbling about Mordor.  They’re bad news.  They’re also kind of stupid, so don’t try to explain, just run!

Those of you idly wondering about the aftermath of last week’s post on the leaky upstairs plumbing at la casa de los port-swillers may be interested to note ol’ Robbo’s handling of the matter.  Well, as I couldn’t get away from work to deal with it prior to the hols, and as the leak was not so severe that I could justify to myself dragging some poor plumber out over the weekend and ruining his Christmas, I simply placed a bucket or two under the drips and waited for the return of Mrs. Robbo and gels from their jaunt down to Flahrduh.

Upon her return, Mrs. R took the matter in hand in her efficient way and had the plumber out yesterday.  Whereupon it was discovered that we had not one, but three leaks in the same pipe, all in a section that had not been replaced previously.  While the plumber initially recommended that we get the whole upstairs works replaced, Mrs. R’s explanation of all the nickel-and-diming we had done to date subsequently convinced him that this might be a sensible alternative after all, whereupon he switched out the offending section.   We must be pretty close to done up there by now, but I’m sure we haven’t seen the end of the problem just yet.

The only remaining problem is that we have a three by four foot hole in the breakfast room ceiling now, and what I had thought was going to be a casual New Year’s Eve with Very Old Friends is rapidly morphing itself into a much larger bean-o.  Myself, I would probably just let the thing go, laughing it off lightly if remarked upon by our guests.  However, Mrs. R does not work that way: I believe she’s having the hole patched today or tomorrow, and I have a very clear vision of Self with paintbrush in hand tidying the bits up a couple hours before the party.