As is my wont when the weather around here conspires to be as pleasant as it is now, I found an excuse to go over to the Navy Memorial at lunchtime and walk across the granite map of the world that is the centerpiece of the plaza.  I get a great deal of simple pleasure doing this, sometimes just admiring the handsome craftsmanship, sometimes imagining myself to be a sort of geeky Colossus striding around the planet.

At any rate, being prompted to check the Memorial’s website about something, I came across this description of the map, which seems to contain a startling secret fact:

Two shades of granite denote land and sea areas, as a reminder of the expanse of the world’s oceans.  The map aligns exactly with the earth.  The scale of the map is comparable to the view from the space ship 800 miles above the earth.

“The” space ship 800 miles above the earth? What spaceship?  Is this something we need to be concerned about?  Or did Certain Persons just leave it parked there until they’re ready to go home?