Despite your post-Halloween sugar-crashed torpor, please don’t forget the Great Literary Dog Quiz currently in progress.  I’ve had some pretty good entries so far and it looks like competition will be pretty tight!

Please submit your entry by Noon Eastern Time this coming Friday.


IMPORTANT UPDATE! I received the following request for a ruling:

1) Is google banned outright?

2) If not google, may I go to the library and find an appropriate print reference?  That’s not sneaky googling – it’s merely using the resources available to me.

Well, I originally had thought to bar googling outright.   But I want people to have fun, too.  So let’s do this:  Go ahead and use whatever resources you wish, if you like.  Just let me know how you go about getting your answers when you send them in.  Meanwhile, I’ll see if I can’t figure out a way to handicap for it.