For those of my fellow port-swillers interested in the Boys of Summah, I would just note that I have put in a new category devoted specifically to baseball-related linkies over on the sidebar.  It seemed about the time to do it.

I know that “Stingos in the Pavillion” is actually allusive of cricket, not baseball, and that something like “Beer in the Bleachers” would be more thematically appropriate, but I decided to go with the former in order to maintain the overall air of insufferable Anglophilia that pervades these pages.

Speaking of baseball, what with the World Series starting tonight, my apologies in advance if I am more incoherent than usual over the next few days.   I cannot remember a Series that presented such a win-win situation in my mind.  I plan to back the Giants simply out of National League loyalty, but if the Rangers pull it off?  Well, I’ll be pretty pleased for them, too.