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They might be giants:

WASHINGTON — The Kennedy Center plans to launch its new arts education website with a concert by the rock band They Might Be Giants.

The center announced the free Oct. 2 concert Wednesday. The event marks the revamp of the center’s national K-12 arts education website and a series of mobile apps for iPhone and Android smart phones.

The concert will be part of the center’s Millennium Stage series.

They Might Be Giants has gained attention in recent years for its educational projects for children. The band won a Grammy for Best Children’s Album last year for “Here Come the 123s.” Their current release is titled “Here Comes Science.”

Their music also is heard nightly in the opening theme for “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart” on Comedy Central.

Not that I pay any attention to these things anymore, but I wouldn’t have guessed TMBG had got into kiddy musick.  I should think they’d give Baby Einstein and the Wiggles a pretty good run for their money.

The eldest gel had her first softball practice of the fall season last evening.

She has the same coach this fall for majors as she did in AAA last spring, also about half of her former teammates.

I don’t know what she (and they) expected things were going to be like, but it quickly became apparent that when Coach has his majors hat on, he’s a very different animal than when he has his AAA hat on.  Harsher.  More critical.  More pressing.  Much less tolerant of lollygagging.

I know that this was something of a shock for the gel.  And I truly sympathize with her as she struggles to adjust and cope with all the new demands and pressures suddenly being put on her.   At the same time, though, I recognize that this is all part of growing up.  She can either learn how to deal with these things in a relatively safe environment now, or else she can learn the hard way out in the big bad world later.


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