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If I ever had the opportunity to pick a solo piece of Schubert’s and learn it under proper supervision, I think I’d choose this one.

(Not that I’m saying I could master it, of course.)

My apologies for the sparse posting over the last few days.

The fact is that the port-swiller ship of state has been taken aback by the squall of the new school year and we are still in the midst of righting her, bending on new canvas and putting her before the wind.  Hopefully, we will have everything coiled down and will be able to start packing on bloggy sail again shortly.

(How’s that for an extended metaphor?)

In the meantime, three quick observations:

♦  For those of you keeping track, I have decided to name the eldest gel’s school “St. Rita of the Misunderstood Adolescence” when posting about her education.  It isn’t strictly applicable, given that the place goes from K to 8, but for seventh graders like her I think it scans very nicely. (The other two remain at St. Marie of the Blessed Educational Method.)

♦  On a totally different matter, the fall softball season starts this week as well.  I was watching the eight year old practice sliding at a mini-camp last evening.  While her elder sister has always been somewhat hesitant about the manuever, this one goes in like a fighter jet landing on an aircraft carrier.   Just thought I’d share.

♦  And finally, amid all the alarums and excursions, I am still working my way through Hampton Sides’ Blood and Thunder: The Epic Story of Kit Carson and the Conquest of the American West. The book is proving absolutely fascinating, and is so full of ties of historickal interest to me that it is going to be worth a very long and very scattershot post when I get done with it.


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