What on earth is going on with the publishing industry?

The paperback edition of the Memoirs of William T. Sherman put out by CreateSpace this year and recently finished by self contains literally dozens and dozens of typos.   Also, the font is too small and the margins almost nonexistent.

Then the paperback edition of Willa Cather’s Death Comes For The Archbishop put out last year by Cassia Press and which I have now started reading turns out to contain two words run together in almost every sentence, something I’m reasonably sure (or at least certainly hope) the author did not intend.

Both of these defects are driving me absolutely batty, particularly the latter, which is the visual equivalent of listening to a CD skip every couple of seconds.

Perhaps I may be rightly criticized for going with low-budget editions.  The cry flies round the clubs, “Robbo got what he paid for, the cheap Scot.”  But I had thought that even at low-budget publishing houses somebody actually, you know, reads and proofs the product before it hit the shelves.

I guess not.