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I must say that Matt Labash continues to move up in the ranks of my favorite writers on the the follies of the age, filling the place previously occupied by Peej O’Rourke who, alas, has come down since his glory days.  Here is the opening of Matt’s  latest essay:

This is a story about living the good life. Or not the good life, exactly, in the Italian, dolce vita understanding of the term. It’s more about living the better life, a comparative way of living. It’s about living better than I was before, living better than I once thought possible, living better, if you’ll forgive my candor, than do you.

Here, I use “you” to loosely mean “conservative” or even “disengaged liberal.” For living better than you is all about honesty. Honesty with you. Honesty with myself. So I’ll just level with the two of us: I used to be a conservative. I mean, I wasn’t some nutcake conservative. I didn’t follow along with Glenn Beck at home, flowcharting the lineage of Lenin to Van Jones on my kids’ Fisher-Price chalkboard. I didn’t attend Rand Paul rallies in a tricorn and a frilly blouse like some kind of colonial crossdresser. I was just a vanilla, middle-of-the-road conservative. As long as I remained undertaxed, overdefended, and unaborted, I was pretty content. Live and let live, I thought. I might have even made a good Libertarian, except I hate science fiction, think Ayn Rand was a crank with an unfortunate haircut, and would fail the house drug test (when my results came back negative).

Heh.  Read the rest.

A conversation:

8 Year Old Gel: Give me two good reasons why I can’t go to the pool party tonight!

Self: Certainly.  First, because I’m your father.  Second, because I said so.

Can I be honest? I get a kick out of this whole paterfamilias thing sometimes.


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