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Behold the Bosavi woolly rat, discovered last year in the depths of the jungle of Papua New Guinea.  The thing grows as big as 33 inches long and is thought to be the largest rat in the world.

The eldest gel mentioned last evening that she was going to be researching a presentation on this critter for St. Marie of the Blessed Educational Method today.  A little while ago, she called up bursting with glee:  She had downloaded a picture of it on to the science lab computer and had forgotten to clear it before the monitor went to sleep.  When Mrs. R went to do something or other on the computer, the screen lit up suddenly to reveal Mr. Rat in all his glory.  Mrs. R, who is not a-tall fond of rats, was exceedingly startled.  Alarum and confusion followed.

The gel thought this was hy-larious (the rat).

I noticed that today is the birthday of the actor Sir Christopher Lee.  (I hadn’t been aware that he was knighted.  I assume it was for his more recent work such as his Star Wars and Lord of the Rings roles and not his earlier horror flicks.)

At any rate, as I glanced over the wiki entry for him, I noticed two interesting facts about Lee.

First, he’s a step-cousin of Ian Fleming.  Of course, he actually starred as the villain in the rayther wretched The Man With The Golden Gun, but apparently Lee was somewhat more involved in the whole Bond franchise than that.   It would seem that Fleming actually wanted him to play Dr. No early on.

Second, during WWII, he served as an intelligence officer with the Long Range Desert Group in North Africa.  What was the LRDG?  Well, it was a sort of commando-cum-recon unit that worked behind the Axis lines, haunting the coastal bases and roads and fading into the desert as needed.  Intel-gathering and occassional raiding were its forte, and it was manned by a remarkable collection of characters.

A pretty good fictional account of the LRDG can be found in Derek Robinson’s A Good Clean Fight, in case you’re interested in learning more about their largely unsung efforts.

Anyway, I thought that was worth mentioning.

Is it wrong of me to take such delight in seeing the new Sex and the City movie get so thoroughly trashed in the reviews?

If so, I’m not sure that I want to be right.

‘Cos this is fuuuuuun……….


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