These are “Wenlock and Mandeville,” the official mascots of the 2012 Olympic Games in London.

As I mentioned over at the Llamas yesterday, they look to me like the result of Kang and Kodos getting busy with a couple of teletubbies.  (Other opinions seem to lean toward the idea of walking one-eyed trouser snakes.)

As I also mentioned, for some years now I have thought that each successive Olympic mascot couldn’t possibly get worse.  It turns out that I have been proven wrong every time.  This year is no exception.

I bring this up because the National Post has done up a sort of Rogue’s Gallery that demonstrates my point.  (WARNING: If dizziness and nausea occur, cease viewing and contact your physician immediately.)

Remember that these “mascots” are a) supposed to represent a competition celebrating the purest ideals of human athleticism, at the same time evoking the spirit of the host country;  and b) supposed to raise a lot of money to support that competition.   Now ask yourself what kind of committee of cretins collectively pondered these goals and came up with this result.

UPDATE: It’s the Wenlock and Mandeville Parody Challenge! Click and browse.  The No Hot Beverages rule is in effect, and you’re probably better off closing your door, too.