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Well, happy belated Mother’s Day.

As regular port-swillers know, Robbo does not subscribe much to conspiracy theories, but in the creation and promotion of these faux holidays, he sees the hand of the Hallmark/FTD/Zales Alliance, together with its many  adherents from the entertainment, food services and other industries that think they can make a buck by trumping up the “celebration.”

Well, to quote a certain famous character’s comment on another, more legitimate holiday, “Bah, humbug!”

You may wonder how Mrs. Robbo feels about this attitude?  Well, we’ve been married nearly 17 years now and she’s gotten used to Robbo’s little crankinesses.  Nonetheless, this year, in which we seem to be especially busy and scattershot, she found herself feeling a bit, shall we say, wistful at not marking the day somehow.

Does this mean that Robbo was browbeaten into forking over 80 bucks for a dozen roses, 100 bucks for brunch and even more for some piece of jewelry?  Not a-tall.  That’s not really what Mrs. R wanted to begin with, and she wouldn’t have asked knowing my prejudices.  No, instead she just wanted all of us to spend some time together as a family.  And to this end, we toddled over to Great Falls Park for the afternoon, staring at the falls, explaining the Patowmack Canal (founded by George Washington) and its system of locks to the gels, making fun of Maryland across the way there, and generally remembering that the family comes first.

Mrs. R came away feeling much happier for the excursion.  She swears this is what she really wanted, and I believe her.  And I’m perfectly content to go along, not just on “Mother’s” Day, but on any day.


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