In honour of the Brit elections today:

I am, of course, a strong supporter of the Silly Party.  Somehow, the name “Tarquin Fin Tin Lim Bim Wim Lim Bus Stop Ftang Ftang Olé Biscuit Barrel” has made it into the port-swiller domestic lexicon, albeit usually in bits and pieces.

(I would consider the Very Silly Party, except that “Malcolm Peter Brian Telescope Adrian umbrella stand Jasper Wednesday *pop pop* Stoat-gobbler John raw vegetable *grunt* Arthur Norman Michael *eee* Featherstone Smith *whistle* Northcott Edwards Harris *bang* *wooo* Mason *chuff chuff chuff* Frampton Jones fruitbat Gilbert *we’ll keep a *bang bang bang* Williams If I could walk that way Jenkins *woop woop woop woo* tiger draws strat Thompson *Raindrops keep falling on my head* Darcy Carter *honk* seeker *dont sleep in the subway* Barton” requires too much equipment to pronounce.)