Recycling run amok:

The new bin system by Newcastle-under-Lyme Council, north Staffordshire, includes a silver slop bucket for food waste, which is then emptied into a larger, green outdoor bin.

There is a pink bag for plastic bottles, a blue box for glass, foil, tins and aerosols, a green bag for cardboard and blue bags for paper and magazines.

Clothing and textiles go in a white bag, garden waste in a wheelie bin with a brown lid and non-recyclable waste in a separate grey wheelie bin.

If successful, the scheme – which is more rigorous than any previous recycling standards expected of households – is likely to be adopted by councils up and down the country.


It seems to me that this sort of scheme isn’t so much about recycling per se, it’s more about guv’mint hounding and bullying people into producing less waste by making the stuff that much more complicated and difficult to get rid of.

Call it Coercion by a Thousand Bins.