Said Sistah in response to my post about giving up on the garden below:

I have often thought, with a chuckle, of getting you one of those weed torches for Christmas or your birthday. Perfect! It combines your arsonic tendencies with your hatred of weeds.

To tell the truth, I’d never even heard of such a tool.  But a quick peek on line shows that it does, indeed, exist.

Says the ad copy:

Weed Torch – Your own mini flame thrower! The use of heat for weed control is nothing new…professional gardeners have relied on it for a long time. Now, you too can fight weeds effectively and conveniently. No more chemical hazards or messy clean up. Unit is complete with Piezo ignition which provides a flame at the touch of a button. Runs on propane or a mixture of propane/butane in 14 or 16.2 oz. cylinders (not included). 30.351 in length. Optional 8 ft. hose assembly allows you to use with any bulk tank application.

Oh, my.  I think Robbo’s just got excited about gardening again.

By the bye, I would point out to Sistah and to the rest of my fellow port swillers that I don’t have “arsonic” tendencies, thank you very much.  I am something of a pyromaniac, granted, but there’s a difference in that I have always kept my conflagrations on the right side of the law.