Yes, an oldie.  But still a goodie.  

I sat down to do the Port-Swiller taxes today. ( Not that I’ve been putting this off deliberately, but the last three and a half months seem to have gone by in a blaze.)

I’m about as old-school as you can get in the matter of helping Uncle to his pound of flesh.  I still do the math myself, sitting at the kitchen table with a file full of receipts, statements and other records, and working it all out with a pencil and a calculator.   And this year, as is so often the case, I nearly gave myself a heart attack by accidentally using the single filer rayther than the married-joint filer column when figuring out the tab, only noticing the mistake after a few minutes of “We can’t possibly owe this much money!!” arm-waving.

Also this year and also as is so often the case, I find myself grumbling that employer withholdings ought to be done away with.  Let people keep their full paychecks and write out one annual lump-sum payment to the guv’mint, so they’ll better appreciate just how much of a whallop they’re taking and whether what they’re receiving in turn is worth it. 

Also, let the general elections be moved to the first Tuesday after April 15 so people can better show such appreciation.  Or not.

UPDATE:  Ha! Mrs. Robbo just called up to nag me about when I was going to get the taxes done.  Shwing!