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Today is the birthday of Andrew Sachs, born this day in 1930 in Berlin.  (His family cleared out to escape Nazi persecution.)

In celebration of the day, let’s have a little fun:

It’s really shameful, I suppose, how much Fawlty Towers dialogue has ended up in general circulation within the Family Robbo.  But then again, so much of it fits…...

Here’s an odd little thing for you, prompted by the fact that I have started in on the Aubrey/Maturin novels of Patrick O’Brian and am rereading Master and Commander for what must be about the tenth or eleventh time:

When rereading a familiar book, even though I know perfectly well how the story goes, I still catch myself clenching in apprehension at moments of heightened suspense that somehow it’s going to come out differently this time, that perhaps something might change.  In this case, for example, I’m always afraid that somehow Stephen Maturin, being disappointed in his initial attempt to go aboard the Sophie, will simply give up and go on his melancholy way, never to sail with Jack Aubrey and thus unraveling twenty future volumes’ worth of adventures, never mind that they’ve already been written.

This may just be the effect of good writing.  On the other hand, it may be the effect of a tenuous grasp on reality.


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