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♦  Well, here we are at the start of another Holy Week.  I think I’m just about Martha’d out in terms of getting the Port-Swiller residence cleaned up, and am going to go into a more Mary-like mode.

♦  I missed the calendar anniversary the other day, but the coming Easter Vigil will mark the second anniversary of my reception into HMC.   I happened to exchange emails with one of my RCIA classmates recently.  She asked how things were going and I replied that either I am seriously overlooking something, or else the fit is absolutely natural.  I’m inclined to believe the latter.

♦  Speaking of the Church, I’ve nothing much to say on the subject of the current hatchet job aimed at the Pope except that I think the timing of it after the Church’s heavy anti-abortion lobbying in the health care debate is no accident.

♦  On a lighter note, one of these days I’m going to need to learn how to bend a palm frond around and make it into a cross.  I still have last year’s frond, by the way.  It somehow ended up in my closet.  I now use it to tickle the cat.

♦  I will be getting down to sorting out the Easter menu this week.  Mrs. P has promised to post a lamb recipe for me.  There is some division in the Port-Swiller household on the subject of lamb.  Those who enjoy it will (I hope) be well pleased.  Those who don’t are going to be offered hamburger-helper instead.

♦  I understand that the gels are all off to the beach down in Flahrdah today.  It’s interesting how even when I’m at the point of wishing to strangle the lot of them just before their departure on these little trips, within 24 hours I find myself mooning around quite out of sorts.  Robbo’s been too thoroughly domesticated to get much pleasure out of baching it anymore.

♦  Speaking of which, the twelve year old asked me yesterday if she could get her ears pierced while she was down there.  Closing my eyes against the oncoming tide, I said fine, go ahead.   However, shortly thereafter she changed her mind, as somebody had warned her about having to stay out of the water for a while.  The plan now, I gather, is to get it done once swimming season is over.   So that’s a bit of a reprieve.  

♦  Spring hasn’t quite sproing here just yet, but yesterday I saw the first goldfinch completely rigged out it its summah plummage.  We have a thistle-feeder on the back porch that they positively adore – I’ve counted fourteen of them on or around it at once, blazing away in their yellow splendor.

♦  Speaking of blazing birds, you may be interested to know that part of Mr. Cardinal’s wooing consists of tilting his body sideways and fanning out his tail at Mrs. Cardinal.  I think the idea is to make her say, “hubba, hubba!”  However, the look I saw on Mrs. Cardinal’s face suggested something more along the lines of, “Oh, for Heaven’s sake, don’t you ever think about anything else?”

♦  Speaking of non-blazing birds, I’m afraid the cowbirds have returned.  I hate cowbirds – ugly, greedy brutes who routinely clean out the feeders.  On the other hand, no sign of the catbirds yet.  I love catbirds, although sometimes they seem to get themselves so worked up in their “Eeeeeaa….Eeeeeaaa!!!”   that I want to say, “What? What’s bothering you?”

♦  Well, off to see about food, I suppose.  Mrs. R left me with a big ol’ package of chicken breasts that I’ve had marinating overnight – half in a herb garlic concoction, half in a mesquite and lime.  I got the brilliant idea to grill the lot of them this evening and feed on them for lunch and din-dins through the rest of the week.

♦  Don’t know how much more posting I’ll be doing before Easter itself.   While everyone’s still gone, I plan to spend a goodish bit of time at Church (including the Tenebrae – surely the altar boys’ favorite Mass, given that they get free reign to kick the pews as hard as they can for the strepidus), and then relatives will start rolling in (Mrs. R, the gels and the Mothe on Thursday and my brother and his family on Friday), so my time will be pretty well taken up.


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