Mrs. R and the gels headed off to Flahr-duh for a spring break visit to grandparents this morning and won’t be back until Holy Thursday.  (I didn’t mention it to them, but thank Heaven I wasn’t going, as there’s a howling wind that I’m sure produced the kind of take-off that typically knocks a good couple months off my lifespan.)

Thus, I plan to spend the next few days giving the Port-Swiller residence a scrub from clew to earring.  I’d been hoping I could open all the windows and air the place out, plus take the rugs outside and give them a good beating, but the weather has turned rainy and chilly again so I’ll have to content myself with dusting and mopping without.  Nonetheless, at least I’ll be able to do so unhindered.  Aaand the place should be in good shape for the advent of various family members for the Easter festivities.