I don’t know how to say “I’m luvin’ it” in Ancient Greek, but that was my reaction upon discovering that Radio Beeb is currently running a series called Acropolis Now, billed as “a sitcom set in Ancient Greece”.

Currently on offer: Episode 5, War -“Xanthippe’s luck is in as the war-like, sex-mad Spartans arrive in Ancient Athens.”

Coming up: Episode 6, Sheep – “Socrates and friends enter the Intellectual Olympics, but Heraclitus is side-tracked.”

I’ve got to set some time aside soon to check these out.

A glass of wine with Scufulans hirsutus.

**Spot the quote.  Another of my favorite Ancient Greek humor bits, but only worth 1.5 points because it’s so easy.

UPDATE: Oh, what the heck.  Here you go:

(I love it when the streams cross.)  Enjoy!