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I put up this image to mark the first official day of Spring every year.  Don’t you just love it? One of my very favorite bits of classickal art.  She’s a fresco painting from Stabiae, a town near Pompeii that got caught in the eruption of Vesuvius as well, being buried in ash.

Spring could not have arrived at the Port-Swiller residence in a more pleasant fashion this year, with clear blue skies, calm winds and a high in the 70’s.  Indeed, I’m not at all sure that ol’ Robbo, who spent most of the late morning in a tee-shirt occupied with the Gordian task of untangling and paring back a clematis, and then early afternoon clearing out some much overgrown shrubbery, didn’t pick up the year’s first sunburn already.

As for all those other things that are the hallmark of a perfect spring day?

Windows open throughout the house? Check.

Top down on the ol’ Jeep? Check.

Grilling din-dins outdoors this evening? Check.

Aaaaaaand, as Mrs. Robbo (who does not share my fondness for brisk night air) is away this evening on a field trip with her class from St. Marie of the Blessed Educational Method, I am fully looking forward to sleeping with the windows open as well.

We’re expecting another day of glory tomorrow, followed by the year’s first chance of thunderstorms on Monday.


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