Peggy Noonan on the impending Götterdämmerung in Congress over the implementation of socialized medicine “health care reform” today:

And so it ends, with a health-care vote expected this weekend. I wonder at what point the administration will realize it wasn’t worth it—worth the discord, worth the diminution in popularity and prestige, worth the deepening of the great divide. What has been lost is so vivid, what has been gained so amorphous, blurry and likely illusory. Memo to future presidents: Never stake your entire survival on the painful passing of a bad bill. Never take the country down the road to Demon Pass.

Uh, Peggy?  One might also say to certain otherwise responsible members of the press, “Never beer-goggle coyote-ugly presidential candidates.”  I vividly recall you with a funnel in your mouth, dizzily guzzling the hopenchange jagermeister back in the fall of ’08, while some of us more temperate souls saw something like this coming even then.  I am still waiting for the column in which you say, “What in God’s name was I thinking?” and promise to gnaw off your own arms in order not to do it again.

What do I think is going to happen, by the way? Well, I frankly don’t know.  Momentum seems to be shifting back and forth literally by the minute.  However, to quote the Iron Duke, it’s going to be a damn nice thing-the nearest run thing you ever saw.  And the results are going to be horrendous.