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Last evening I arrived early to pick up the eldest gel from her Cotillion class, which happens to be held in the gym of the parochial school attached to my church (which school the gel will be attending starting next fall).

The class was still in full swing (so to speak) when I got there, so I had the pleasure of eyeing them (unobserved) through a small window for a bit.  Altogether there must have been about 50 kids or so.  Watching them shuffle about, the gels in white gloves and pretty dresses, the boys in coat and tie, all of them thoroughly enjoying themselves, I found myself reflecting again on the wisdom of lighting a candle rayther than cursing the darkness.

On the drive home, the gel regaled me with a detailed description of who asked her to dance, who cut out whom, who was the most polite, who was the most fun and how much she enjoyed the evening.

Good times.

Today is the anniversary of the birth of the legendary Ernie Kovacs.  As I happen to be going to a karaoke party to celebrate the 40th birthday of a colleague of Mrs. R’s tonight, it struck me that this classic bit is extremely apropos.  (It is a long-standing maxim in the Family Robbo that it is literally impossible to render “Mack The Knife” in a way that doesn’t sound ridiculous.)

And no, I have absolutely no intention to sing myself this evening.  Buh-lieve me!


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