I must admit that I’m starting to look forward to taking the gels to see The Lightning Thief when it comes out.  Looks like it could be a lot of fun.

As I mentioned a while back, I read the book at the behest of the daughters and found it quite entertaining.  Indeed, I have gone on to reading other books in teh series with the middle child at bedtime.  The only trouble is that she also reads them on her own, so that as we progress from night to night there are frequent jumps in teh story from where I had left off previously.  I suppose I will have to go back and read the books all the way through on my own, as my brain won’t allow me any rest until I have filled up these gaps in my knowledge.

Several people have asked why it is that I like this series but continue to turn up my nose at Harry Potter.  Well, there are two main reasons, I suppose.  First is the mythology involved.  For one thing, I’m simply a Greco-Roman snob.  The Druids can keep their oak and mistletoe, the Northmen their Valhalla, the Egyptians their cats and crocodiles.  And all those witches and warlocks can get stuffed.  The Olympians are the only set of gods in which I have any real interest.   For another, these stories take up the clash between Titans and Olympians and faithfully fit the modern characters to that struggle.  From what I gather of the Potter series, Rowling does it the other way round, both making up the story as she goes along and cherry-picking her supernatural forces from a variety of sources to fit it.

Second, I have always had a deep-seated suspicion of cultural bandwagons and make an effort to avoid them.    Perversely, I’ve found that when that many people think something is that wonderful, it usually isn’t.