This week I’ve been making my way through the DVD’s of the old Beeb series The Six Wives of Henry VIII.

The Lord knows there were many terrible things about the 70’s, but one good thing to come out of that miserable decade was the really top-tier teevee historickal drama produced by the Beeb, Granada and other Brit organizations.  In addition to the said ‘Enery, I’m also thinking of such series as Elizabeth R and I, Claudius (I’m sure there are others that readily come to the minds of fellow Port-Swillers above a certain age).  They were all characterized by cheap-o sets, excellent writing and superb acting.

Too bad they don’t make ’em like that any more.

UPDATE:  Vic asks about whether Henry is properly portrayed as plump in this production.  Well here are a couple of pics –


   The actor’s name is Keith Michell.  He’s a big, imposing bear of a fellah to begin with, and seems to keep getting bigger and more imposing as the series goes on.  No chance of a thin Henry here.