Note To Self:  Prior to attending Midnight Mass next Christmas…..take a nap the afternoon before!

Not that participating in the Solemn High Mass with all the fixings wasn’t perfectly wonderful, but about half way through the homily Robbo simply started losing consciousness.

Furthermore, I didn’t get home, jammied and into bed until about 2:30 ack emma, a mere 45 minutes or so before the gels started stirring in anticipation of their presents.   And while they adhered to the letter of the law that said no presents before 8 and no stockings before 7, they failed to follow the spirit of it, which was to let Mrs. R and Self get our rest.  Once up, the gels never really did go back to sleep and, almost needless to say, neither did I.

Yawn.  Despite multiple pots of coffee, I don’t believe I’ve ever attended to the Christmas morning festivities in a more zombie-like state than this year.