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Greetings from the Port-Swiller residence, where Robbo just spent four hours with a shovel cleaning up after the Storm of the Century of the Millenium.   Having a wonderful time, wish you were here.  (Yes, I’m looking at YOU, Kathy!)

Altogether, we got a solid two feet of the white stuff, although what with the swirling and drifting, it was rayther deeper on some parts of the driveway.  And of course, the street plows left a veritable glacier at the end, something which I believe brings intense satisfaction to their malevolent hearts.

Friends, I tell you truly that my arms and shoulders hurt so much right now, I can barely lift them.  I shudder to think what they’re going to feel like tomorrow.  There is an increasing body of opinion that Robbo is getting too old for this sort of  thing.  As, well, offensive as I find my nearest and dearest telling me so, I begin to wonder if there isn’t something in it.

At any rate, I am now going to plump down and watch whatever football game happens to be on and not feel guilty about it.  Even Mrs. R believes I’ve earned the rest of the day off.

UPDATE:  Well, football proved to be pretty boring, so after a while I tottered back outside to deal with the ice.  Evidently, this blog has a snow plow driver readership, because after I maligned them above I discovered that our mailbox had been clipped by one of them and tossed into a drift.  [Insert sound of grumbling here.]


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